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Missouri sues China’s ruling Communist Party  over COVID-19

Missouri sues China’s ruling Communist Party over COVID-19

The US state Missouri has filed a lawsuit against China’s Communist Party in federal court seeking an unspecified amount in damages owing to deliberate deception, insufficient action to stop the pandemic and hoarding of protective equipment. The lawsuit’s chances of success are least as US law, under the principle of sovereign immunity, generally forbids court action against foreign governments.

Prodigal Liberal
Prodigal Liberal 4 months

Go Missouri. Expose China for what it is. The evil empire. China has been busy in the SEA building fortifications in its occupied islands in the Paracels and Spratleys amidst the wuhan pandemic. This is arguably the most ruthless and greedy government and culture right now.

Victoria 4 months

I don't recall which but know I have read about other countries discussing pursuit of funds from China after their carelessness as well. I look forward to when they do bring this to an international forum because this unbelievable failure to communicate and excercise safely measured responses falls almost squarely on Xi's shoulders. The weasel of a leader must be brought to justice.

Shalyn 4 months

It is pointless. It won’t go anywhere. Our government and president need to take decisive action against China if we want any sort of justice. It won’t come through a law suit. China has The Who in there pocket doing there bidding. You think they don’t have ways to get out of suits. Besides lawyers all say it can’t be successful due to international laws etc.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 4 months

The US, Australia, and even the traitorous Germans are demanding China pay for what they have done. The media and WHO’s desperate defense of the genocidal dictatorship was almost completely ineffective.

Supreme 4 months

Wow this is a completely waste of time. Shame on Missouri for even given victims of covid 19 families even Hope's for compensation

Jack 4 months

This was coming. It's far too attractive an idea to states and nations in debt. This will spread across the world. My guess is it will result in a politically isolated China and appropriated Chinese assets as "compensation" for unpaid fines.

Rhys 4 months

A sovereign nation is immune to lawsuits like this, it’s not going to get anywhere. They’re throwing money away. Here’s a fun video of a lawyer talking about it and other covid lawsuits

michael 4 months

yeah, have fun with that.

Paul Saxon
Paul Saxon 4 months

It's not about compensation, it's a matter of principle. When it's all over just remember that wether it helped or not, Missouri stood up.

Torrey Jones
Torrey Jones 4 months

What's the point? Under US law they will just claim sovereign immunity and dismiss the case.

j0rg1 4 months

You dumb fucks thinking this gets somewhere, go back to school. I'm gonna over generialize and put you all under the same comb, you're from the US. This is the most rediculous lawsuit I've ever heard of, god damnit, and that is from the country that has the most stupid lawsuits in the history of mankind. Really, go back to school and use the time to get back in control of your legislatives. The people in control of your states, governmental positions and in office makes me cry on your behalf. The movie "isocracy" is a reality in two generations if you allow this to continue.

Burger 4 months

They should add the us government as another defendant to that lawsuit.

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 4 months

I mean, good for Missouri, but how are they going to get them to pay even if they do win?

tanya 4 months


Paul Saxon
Paul Saxon 4 months

I love this state!

Lord Flasheart
Lord Flasheart 4 months

Made Germany pay, why not China?

2loaves 4 months

That's the most Americans thing I've heard in the last hour.

Hector 4 months

Great, nothing is gonna happen.

Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson 4 months

Good luck with that...

Devon 4 months

About time

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