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US and Australia send warships into disputed South China Sea

US and Australia send warships into disputed South China Sea

An Australian frigate has joined three US warships in the disputed waters of the South China Sea for a military exercise where a Chinese ship has for days been tailing a Malaysian state oil company ship carrying out exploratory drilling. The area is near waters claimed by both Vietnam and Malaysia as well as China.

fish 6 months

“China is asshole...”

IIzard 6 months

Tiwan is the legitimate government of China. The communists didn't defend against the Japanese invasion during ww2, which included the rape of Nankin (even the Nazis tried to stop it).

Cr4SH 6 months

Not sure what the US navy needs with ten thousand gallons of warm Fosters and a T-shirt cannon with a range of a mile but moral support is moral support I guess?

Seekster 6 months

Hopefully the Chinese ships practice social distancing.

Randall 6 months

So we're going in there and fight for people that don't care about us over oil that is worthless and we don't need.

frank 6 months

Why is the US and Oz helping Malaysians all of a sudden? If it's a bigger dick contest, why do it now?

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 6 months

Awh sh1t son.

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