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Missing Wuhan citizen journalist Li reappears after two months

Missing Wuhan citizen journalist Li reappears after two months

A whistleblowing citizen journalist Li Zehua who went missing while reporting on the coronavirus in the city of Wuhan, has resurfaced Wed saying he had been forcibly quarantined by police. Also he was forced to give all his electronics to a friend and was released on March 28. He is the first who went to Wuhan to investigate the disappearance of another journalist covering the crisis, Chen Qiushi.

Flitch 6 months

I wonder how much reprogramming went on during this "quarentine". We have all seen how the police in China deal with complaints on chatrooms. I'm honestly surprised this guy is even still alive atall, let's see if he ever does reporting again and if he does, will it only ever be fluff pieces from now on?

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 6 months

Dude is lucky he's still alive

Turn 6 months

And its starting... The US will do anything to blame China so they won't be held accountable for their atrocious crisis management. Also by instigating another "fear of foreigners" it will be so much easier to convince their population to got to war which will make the rich richer and the poorer. They are serving the same poison that they did on 9/11 and the cult will swallow it happily.

daryl 6 months

To much foreign control of money's in USA. There be a place for security not necessarily at the cat fish pond.

Travis 6 months

Jillian Assange. Until that’s corrected I’d say any outrage being expressed from us in “the West” over the treatment of this journalist is completely disingenuous. That’s putting it politely.

Ben 6 months

Lol he went to the heart of a pandemic and got quarantined. Yet still these people are hating on the CCP. Get over it China isn't an evil biggie man they just don't think you have anything worthwhile to say so they aren't going to let you say it.

pffft 6 months

China or UK?

Barny Fraggles
Barny Fraggles 6 months

Remind me why we have anything to do with this regime again?

Katharine 6 months

What happened?

Matthew 6 months

"Forcibly Quarantined" they have a word for is called jail.

CrazyRuss 6 months

I'm glad that the Chinese citizens are reminding their government (China) that they have a moral duty to be transparent and responsible to them. And they are fearless.

Burger 6 months

Maybe they thought he was writing fake news.

Juanita 6 months

Any word on Chen?

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