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’I strongly disagree’: Trump says Georgia lifting lockdown ’too fast’

’I strongly disagree’: Trump says Georgia lifting lockdown ’too fast’

President Trump said Wednesday that he ’strongly’ disagrees with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s (R) decision to allow bowling alleys, hair salons and other businesses to reopen on Friday. In response, Kemp on Twitter praised Trump’s leadership but said the state would move forward as planned. Georgia has had more than 20,000 cases of COVID-19 and has seen more than 800 deaths.

Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 6 months

I still dont understand what is wrong with "Go about your business if you are not in an at-risk demographic however the immunocompromised, elderly and extremely young should stay home and take precautions against possible infection. If you get sick stay home until you feel better." as an approach to tackling this thing. There is no reason for the vast majority of the population to be trapped at home and unable to go about their lives.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 6 months

I disagree. Reopening with proper precautions is the best way. We cant leave people to die of the disease but people need money to buy food, pay rent, just get out of the house being quarantined for 2 weeks sucked enough like I would want to deal with that for months getting on cabin fever. The government also cant continue to print money this debt is already about 150k on every American and we just destroyed their jobs. Hyper inflation anyone.... next stop Venezuela

Jon 6 months

I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't caught on to this dog and pony show. First he pressures them to reopen, stokes the protest fires, then they say they will reopen, then he says they shouldn't. YOU ARE BEING CONNED. Hes looking for a blame scapegoat just like always. The W.H.O, Democrats, Governors, CEOs. They are all in his crosshairs to take the blame and his base will eat it up.

TheWeakMinded 6 months

Yea, those businesses are far from the things that need reopening

Will Miller
Will Miller 6 months

So all your talk was horseshit double crossing ass

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 6 months

I say let those who want to go back to work let them and when they are on their death bed bcs of the virus then maybe it will set a example for more Americans but probably not..I have notice that we Americans aren't the smartest ppl around but especially those in the right wing party. Not a ounce of intelligents in anyone of those ppl. Who knows maybe this be will thin out the population you know get rid of some of the stupid ppl here.

Paul N
Paul N 6 months

It’s amazing how these headlines frame everything differently than reality. I strongly recommend everyone watches these sadly boring press briefings in their raw form. You know it’s ok to disagree with your colleagues. Unlike the left who get roasted by their puppet masters at the top if they don’t vote in line. (Except of course the crazies like the squad who should be in a different political party on their own)

michael 6 months

so trump can't force governers to reopen if they don't want to, and can't stop governers from reopening if they do. separation of powers and states rights. but will the people risk it? probably. most people don't or can't look beyond one week. if the stimulus bill hadn't included benefits for big business, it would have sailed through Congress and people would have those checks and not been desperate to get back to infecting each other.

Barry 6 months

Just open and let everyone die already sheesh

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