Australia urges G20 action on wildlife wet markets

Australia urges G20 action on wildlife wet markets

The Australian government said Thursday that the wild life wet markets are a ’biosecurity and human health risk’ and the world should take action against them. Agriculture minister David Littleproud in a G-20 meeting of agriculture ministers called for an investigation into these markets and said ’they may need to be phased out’.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 0 months

Next, the CCP will double down on its denial the coronavirus came from a wet market in China and discover that it's an Australian plot against it, delivered to Wuhan by American sailors.

Jd 0 months

"If it flies with it's back to the sky, or walks with it's stomach to the ground it's food" - China

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 0 months

Just build a giant wall around China. Have Mexico pay for it.

dree low
dree low 0 months

China will pull a reverse card and say the CCP virus came from Australia

Randy Rand
Randy Rand 0 months

This app actively censors comments, move to a decentralized app and waste no more time.

Nathan 0 months

Do you think he's a little proud about his statement?

frank 0 months

The markets have been around for a long time... Not sure why it started to be a problem now...

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