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Study cautions about role played by jails in spreading COVID-19

Study cautions about role played by jails in spreading COVID-19

A new epidemiological study published by researchers and released by the American Civil Liberties Union says that current COVID-19 prediction models do not take into account the role played by jails in spreading coronavirus. This, the study said, could severely undercount the total death toll in the US.

IvoryDove 6 months

Instead of emptying the prisons, why not quarantine them and stop allowing visitation? - - - I know that seems very difficult for liberals to understand, but given every single American has been told to obey the government orders to isolate themselves, maybe asking prisoners to not have sick family members come for a visit isn't too much to ask? - - - Guards shouldn't be in direct contact with prisoners anyway and those who must go inside the secured areas should be tested, wearing masks, and careful not to spread the virus.

Skeptic 6 months

Unless the quarantining also entails confining the guards and other workers in the prison, the virus will spread within the jail, infect more guards and spread through general population. Most have already stopped visitation. The guards brought the disease into the prisons. When they release prisoners near the end of sentences for non-violent crimes and provide guards and inmates with masks, etc. they will have more room to isolate and contain the spread.

Boo 6 months

Part of a prison sentence is that your life will be hard. Too bad and who cares?

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