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Boston Dynamics’ robot dog is chipping in to help COVID-19 patients

Boston Dynamics’ robot dog is chipping in to help COVID-19 patients

Boston Dynamics’ dog-like quadruped robot is helping since last week for remote triage of patients suspected of having COVID-19 at Brigham And Women’s Hospital. The company now has plans to expand use of its robots to assist healthcare workers during the pandemic, and it’s also open sourcing the hardware and software it’s using so other hospitals and robot makers may be able to do follow its lead.

Seekster 6 months

Doctor Dog. Its actually kind of cute.

TheCurrentModality 6 months

I want the iPad to be on the end of an arm so it looks like a creepy neck.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 6 months

That is really cool

O'Brien 6 months

Smartphone is just a distraction while it scans your vital stats to calculate who’s not going to make it. Fail that and it’s real mission executes...

Alexandra C
Alexandra C 6 months

Not what I was expecting out of Boston Dynamics. This is very interesting. If this has a good response in the field, it could be applied in other instances too. You too can have a robo-dogo.

Katharine 6 months

How sci-fi

America 6 months

Reminds me of an episode of Black Mirror.

Mike Clark
Mike Clark 6 months

Lol, I'd shit my pants if I saw this thing come into my room

Diogenes Scrunguloso
Diogenes Scrunguloso 6 months

Glad to see Boston dynamics doesn't just develop robots to get their rocks off on torturing them

That Guy
That Guy 6 months

You mean the Black Mirror robot dog? Yeah, that went well…

IIzard 6 months

Yeah, I can't wait for a video of it falling into a blood sample tray.

Sapper 6 months

Robocop 2 anyone!?

Brett Ellis
Brett Ellis 6 months

So they really are out for blood? *slaps knee*

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