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Brian Harris appointed to lead day to day HHS operations

Brian Harris appointed to lead day to day HHS operations

Alex Azar has appointed Brian Harris to lead day to day covid activities for HHS. Harris is considered an odd choice, due to his limited experience with HHS during the Bush administration, as well as a history of moving between other agencies such as the Social Security Administration. Harris reportedly spent six years as a dog breeder before rejoining HHS this past January.

JJ Shabadu Jr.
JJ Shabadu Jr. 6 months

I neither endorse nor disparage Alex Azar's qualifications for HHS secretary, however these are dishonest headlines all-around. "Azar is a Republican lawyer who once clerked for the late conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and counts current Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as a friend. Under George W. Bush, Azar worked for HHS as general counsel and deputy secretary. During the Obama years, he cycled through the private sector as a pharmaceutical company lobbyist and executive for Eli Lilly. " This reads like a fairly typical beltway background. To boil down Alex Azar's previous experience to his stint dabbling in dog breeding, likely more of a side-interest than a full-time gig, is like describing George Washington as a former small-time mapmaker.

Carol 6 months

Another of Trump's "best people?!!"

player 6 months

Man this headlines don't make sense. He is a lawyer from Yale.

tsylana 6 months

"The best people"

Wholly 6 months

And why is this news?

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