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Fauci says US needs to ’significantly ramp up’ testing; Trump disagrees

Fauci says US needs to ’significantly ramp up’ testing; Trump disagrees

President Trump said Thursday he disagreed with Anthony Fauci’s statement that the US does not yet have the testing capacity for the virus. ’No, I don’t agree with him on that. I think we are doing a great job on testing,’ Trump said. Earlier, Fauci in an interview to Time magazine, had said that the country needed to ramp up ’not only the number of tests, but the capacity to perform them’.

Dana 4 months

The stupidity is painful. We cannot get back to normal until we test like every other country that’s on the other side of this. Trump is a moron.

SickOfTribalisem 4 months

Well i can't say i agree with trump but u got to see things objectivly... the us's testing cepabilities are... well broken.. the beuroracy is bad and there's propably the ability to test more but things aren't as easy as many think..

chris 4 months

Trump uses experts then discredits them.

TheMadDane 4 months

Keep crying wolf, Fauci.

Order11110 4 months

Fire Fauci, he’s a liar and a fraud

Jack 4 months

It’s his opinion. Which so far has proven to be based upon fabrications that his cult try to light up as hope.

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