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Research says hydroxychloroquine does not help treat coronavirus

Research says hydroxychloroquine does not help treat coronavirus

A study of patients infected by the novel coronavirus in China revealed that those who received hydroxychloroquine did not get cured of the virus. The research had a sample size of 150 patients, who were given the anti malarial drug. The drug, while not clearing the virus, did help alleviate ’some symptoms’. The drug has been touted as a ’game changer’ by President Donald Trump.

Shalyn 6 months

Lol. It’s called moving on. That’s an old story. They don’t keep repeating the same thing regurgitated like other channels. They report the news. News changes. Worry about your own reporting.

Connie 6 months

Not quite, MJ! Laura Ingram's Wednesday featured a segment on hydroxichloroquine, including two doctors who again talked about it's use and safety. Zero heart issues or deaths among their patients. But it's not a big money maker for big pharma, thus the attempt to play it down. The VA hospital study was bogus, tests were done on dying patients. None of the major networks included the part of the story that mentions this important detail. The Michigan politician who had the audacity to meet with the President and VP to thank them for saving her life is now threatened with censuring by her Democrat colleagues! My question: has anyone had the integrity to study the death rate among patients taking the drug vs those not taking it?

Steve 6 months

It really wasn't "hype", only the left interpreted it that way. It was comments about a drug, which at the time, some doctors were saying showed promise.

Coe Wall
Coe Wall 6 months

So in one study more people using the malaria drug died than those without. Originally there were lots of stories on how helpful it was for the symptoms of the virus but it wasn't a cure, so it obviously will react differently for each individual like most medicines. A family member has lupus and he managed to get some of this drug before hand because if they don't at least try something then die to their suppressed immune system they will die, so it's better they try something then nothing.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 6 months

And if we went through all the point the leftist media flip flopped on, even these last few months, we would be here all day. Both sides do dumb stuff. That's why I am a centrist

player 6 months

I guess you can write anything without claims. Have the journalist did the study of the drug before writing about it? When there is shortage of druga how can u have randomize trial?

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 6 months

Mother Jones and Vox as the only sources? Skip!

Fin 6 months

All it ever does. For lupus is to slow down cytokine build up so doesn't storm... N for those who used it with mild symptoms very mild. It slowed the csr down for a wee moment... Caused more harm than good the science will reveal since those most effected already afflicted with things such as heart disease... Somebody aught to sue the clown that first recommended n pushed it for pretending to know better than the doctors

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