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Trump muses on ’injection’ of disinfectant to beat COVID-19

Trump muses on ’injection’ of disinfectant to beat COVID-19

President Trump surprised many when he suggested, during his briefing Thursday, that people could receive injections of disinfectant to cure COVID-19. ’Is there a way we can do something, by an injection inside or almost a cleaning?’, Trump said, adding, that it ’sounds interesting to me’. Medical professionals, soon after, warned people against experimenting with injecting disinfectants.

Argaveus 6 months

I can't wait to see the left tripping over themselves to hold this against Trump

Dana 6 months

Breitbart- no Trump didn’t say to inject disinfectant. Also Breitbart- he did say inject but that’s not what he meant.

SickOfTribalisem 6 months

why does this sound lik bullshit.. oh wait a second... only left wind sources and "europe" let me see....... and before i'll dig into this let me just say i'm willing to bet a lot of money on this story being bullllllshit either completly untrue or very very very misleading..... let us see...

Peter 6 months

No!!! He meant to say "DRINK the disinfectant"!! Ok.. I jest and I saw the clip. So what? This "super-scary" virus can be defeated with a healthy lifestyle, good hygiene and simple home remedies, you know, like MOST common COLDS during cold seasons. Now come at me bro with your rebuttals you easily programmed sheeple but before you do, remember 9/11. All that money and those Executive Acts that took our liberty.

Jack 6 months

He didn’t make any claims of injecting disinfectant being proven and working; he was proposing the possibility of it. Which is terrifying to hear from even him..

Sean Donahue
Sean Donahue 6 months

This is why the president isn't a scientist, his specialty is business.

Dana 6 months

All the MAGATs will skip over this one. Notice they aren’t in the comments. Nothing to say right? His big brain thinks we should try disinfecting the lungs and UV light for cure.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 6 months

Everyone's gonna start complaining about Trump saying this but they tend to forget things like nitroglycerin is used to treat heart failure and high blood pressure and warfarin, rat poison, is used as a blood thinner. Asking his doctors to look into it is quite a bit different than suggesting people do it themselves. This is the hydroxychloroquine thing all over again.

Barny Fraggles
Barny Fraggles 6 months

If the MSM said 'Trump walked down the street' I'd still need to check a direct source for context.

porcus 6 months

Love how the Left is just hell-bent on any position that the Orange God Emperor takes, to the point of arguing against science itself. :D

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 6 months

Well I'm happy I went and checked the sources and saw the entire context. Yes, he said some pretty idiotic stuff, BUT no where does he promote injecting yourself with disinfectants. Spit balling with medical advisors is not promoting anything. He was asking if there were possibilities of applying the data of sunlight and disinfectant quickly neutralizing the virus to a possible cure. That is not promoting in the slightest. Still not very wise for having that discussion during a briefing and not behind closed doors.

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 6 months

Does he have shares in Lysol too?

Robert_Clearwater 6 months

Honestly I dont even care anymore. I'm just so tired. It's a quote out of context and some people will say omg orange man bad and some people will say omg TDS is quite virulent. Never forget the koi fish in Japan.

BumperCar 6 months

Ok... This IS one of the dumber things he said.

Jon 6 months

This is at the tippy top of the most idiotic things this moron supposedly running our country has ever said. In case anyone wants to cringe here it is.

Garthak 6 months

Is he saying "do it", or is he saying "maybe try this", big difference there. Throwing ideas at the wall is always helpful in my opinion. Even if most of the ideas are stupid, you'd be surprised how often they can lead to a breakthrough.

Carol 6 months

What does he know, he's an imbecile!!

Just an ordinary
Just an ordinary 6 months

Credit where Credit is due, this was one of the dumber things I've heard from Trump, he says weird things sometimes but you can understand what it means in context. This was just dumb in and out of context, sure throw anything at the wall and see what sticks but this?

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 6 months

Dang, this really sounds like another BOMBSHELL story!!!! 👌

Seekster 6 months

I am definitely going to vote for Trump this year but this was a stupid thing for him to suggest.

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