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Canada mass shooting erupted from argument, official says

Canada mass shooting erupted from argument, official says

Canada’s worst mass shooting that killed 22 people erupted from an argument between the gunman and his girlfriend, who survived the attack. Police said Gabriel Wortman, 51, had only one run-in with law previously where he was ordered to receive counselling for anger management after pleading guilty to assaulting a man. Wortman owned a denture practice that had been closed because of the pandemic.

Argaveus 5 months

If only we were allowed to carry guns, perhaps he could have been stopped before the kill count reached 22

IIzard 5 months

Ban assault girlfriends.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 5 months

In a country where guns are banned, what are they going to blame in this situation?

Peter 5 months

Must have been "pulling teeth" to be with her. This was bound to happen when you deny Canadians their Hockey and Hockey-related free market businesses!!!

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 5 months

Will this be put on the list of people that died because of the lock-down? There is no such list? It goes against the narrative? Ok, let's just move on then...

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 5 months

Ban assault arguments.

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