Brazilian justice minister resigns

Brazilian justice minister resigns

The Justice Minister of Brazil, Sergio Moro has resigned from his position. Moro had become popular as a crusader against corruption. The announcement was made by Moro following a decision by Bolsonaro to change the head of the federal police. Political interference into the federal police was the reason given by him for his resignation.

Tom A
Tom A
Jason Brown
Jason Brown 4 weeks


Andrey Lucas
Andrey Lucas 4 weeks

Bolsonaro is so fucking stupid, selfish and reckless. He is his own opposition and keeps undermining himself every single day. Now that he fired his secretary (that has higher approval ratings than him), he may face an impeachment. I voted for him (for lack of better options oc) and don't regret it, but I'm not a brainless sheep, he's so fucking stupid and a liar. Democracy sucks.

NeverMetTheGuy 4 weeks

So there's four left leaning sources?

Fred 4 weeks

He did a complet misguided decision! He is honest man but don't understand Brazilian politics. The federal police director is a position nominated by the president, he can't say that this is interference.

WWG1WGA 4 weeks

Clear out the swamp all over

Luan 4 weeks

Bolsonaro is selling out to the stablishment and giving political favors to his new allies. This is not a surprise, he wants to save his corrupt son that got caught in a scandal.

Brian 4 weeks

m might

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