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Brazilian justice minister resigns

Brazilian justice minister resigns

The Justice Minister of Brazil, Sergio Moro has resigned from his position. Moro had become popular as a crusader against corruption. The announcement was made by Moro following a decision by Bolsonaro to change the head of the federal police. Political interference into the federal police was the reason given by him for his resignation.

Tom A
Tom A
Jason Brown
Jason Brown 5 months


WWG1WGA 5 months

Clear out the swamp all over

NeverMetTheGuy 5 months

So there's four left leaning sources?

Fred 5 months

He did a complet misguided decision! He is honest man but don't understand Brazilian politics. The federal police director is a position nominated by the president, he can't say that this is interference.

Luan 5 months

Bolsonaro is selling out to the stablishment and giving political favors to his new allies. This is not a surprise, he wants to save his corrupt son that got caught in a scandal.

Brian 5 months

m might

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