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Biden leads Trump (narrowly) in Florida, as per Fox News poll

Biden leads Trump (narrowly) in Florida, as per Fox News poll

A poll conducted by news network Fox News has revealed that former Vice President Joe Biden holds a narrow lead over President Donald Trump in the state of Florida. In a poll of registered voters, Mr. Biden had a support of 46 percent, as compared to President Trump, who stood at 43 percent.

Matt 6 months

No one should vote for Biden unless they're okay with elder abuse, a guy that's attracted to kids, and having him likely switched out shortly after election when he's put in a nursing home

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 6 months

If 2016 taught me one thing it is that early polling, especially in swing states, is a really accurate predictor to election success

Jonathan 6 months

I wonder if news networks have made improvements to the way they poll in order to not have a repeat of the 2016 elections.

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