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France limits sales of nicotine products

France limits sales of nicotine products

Fearing an increased demand on nicotine gum and patches, France has banned the online sale of the products. This comes amid reports of a lower-than-expected number of smokers among those hospitalized with COVID-19. In addition, authorities also limited the purchase of products at pharmacies. The report also stated that smokers who do get infected tend to have more serious symptoms.

Alex 3 months

“Fearing an increased demand of (Product), government has banned (Product)” is the kind stupid shit that makes me wonder if anybody actually knows anything. Increased demand means people want it. Why is the response to try to prevent people from getting the things they want by using violent force

Frederick 3 months

"No guuuuys, you don't know what's best for you so we have to regulate what you can buy." Shut the fuck up and give me my 20 cartons of Camels.

michel booltink
michel booltink 3 months

France is fearing a loss of tax income. They just want the people to stay smoking. Even if those people want to quit with the help of replacements. More country's will follow.

random 3 months

This is the most illogical move I've ever seen, restricting the sale of products used to quit smoking? How bizarre, big tobacco must have a ridiculously large amount of power in France.

NeverMetTheGuy 3 months

Are they doing that so people aren't going to price gouge? That seems a bit absurd, but most countries are getting a lot more insane lately.

Phyllis 3 months

This move by the powers that be makes no sense at all. They want to stop smoking so you "don't" let them by products??? Some more research should have been done on this story.

Kevin McAlpin
Kevin McAlpin 3 months

good thing I shop locally, shipping is next day for cheap.

Ken 3 months

Wait, smokers are worse off with the virus, but instead of allowing them an alternative to their addiction, they limit it so that it's just easier to smoke...hmm

Michael 3 months

What an awful way to deal with an addiction. Market scarcity?

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