UK Government cancels order for 10,000 ventilators

UK Government cancels order for 10,000 ventilators

The UK government has cancelled an order for Dyson the vacuum cleaner maker to deliver 10, 000 ventilators as they are no longer needed. Despite having invested more than £20 million in the project, company founder Sir James Dyson said his staff had ’worked around the clock’ to develop the ventilators and didn’t regret the contribution to the nation.

Paul C
Paul C 4 weeks

Certainly interesting to read British news where they simply refer to the government as 'number 10' with no acrimonious vitriol towards Boris Johnson. If anything like this happened in the US there would be story after story about Orange Man Bad and news conferences by all the usual suspects denouncing Trump and anyone that supports him.

British Values
British Values 4 weeks

It's going to be really interesting to see the post incident report on this virus. I suspect that the rush to use ventilators will be shown to have caused more deaths than they saved. I don't blame doctors for this, but just like these lockdowns, it is an example of terrible decisions being made based on fear rather than facts.

TrumpBumperCar 4 weeks

Why not use the ventilators to help other countries? Or, if altruism is not popular anymore, why not sell them?

6Million$Mansplainer 4 weeks

Probably going to be many many not needed.

GUYIVKS 4 weeks

Are the ventilators actually up to standard? Some reports suggest otherwise.

HargDevice 4 weeks

I think it wouldn’t hurt to buy them anyway, right? Better prepared than not?

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