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US companies seek legal protection from possible COVID-19 related lawsuits

US companies seek legal protection from possible COVID-19 related lawsuits

Major US business lobbying groups are asking Congress to pass measures that would protect companies large and small from COVID-19 related lawsuits when states start to lift pandemic restrictions. Some of the groups including US Chamber of Commerce are seeking temporary, legal and regulatory safe harbor legislation to curb liabilities for employers who follow official health and safety guidelines.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait
anthony 6 months

The government is out of line here. Covid-19 is not an excuse to take away your right as an individual to sue an organization that not enforcing mandated health and safety measures in the workplace such as providing masks and gloves. Let the courts not the government decide if an individual's right to a safe workplace has been violated. I agree with opening the country up for business again now but let's do it safely and responsibly. Moreover frivolous lawsuits made by employees to make a quick buck could be easily dismissed. If for example a company is practicing required Covid-19 safety measures how can an employee rightfully prove they contracted the virus at work and not somewhere else?

michael 6 months

sounds like a real champion of the common working man doesn't he.

Bailstorm 6 months

WTF? Take care of the people being affected, who gives a fuck if that person needs some funds from their place of work they were infected from?

Mike 6 months

This is insane.... Here we go protecting businesses for no regard for their actions. Who would have thunk?

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