Russia’s economy is in trouble

Russia’s economy is in trouble

Russia’s economy is suffering not only from the pandemic, but also from the weak oil prices. The economy is seen contracting by 2.5% in consensus best case scenarios from three different investment banks, to as low as -8.6% in a worst case scenario being considered by a group of Russian economists known as Liberal Mission.

Stephen 3 months

Lol, Russia and OPEC have been wanting an excuse to be able to co-ordinate sinking the oil price ever since fracking caused the American oil production to sky rocket, Oil is cheap because it needs to be uneconomical for the US fracking industry in order to be able to try and kill it. They are playing the long game, Number 1 rule of business is push your competition out of the market if they have a comparatively high cost of production.

cjack 3 months

Cant wait till oil is a long forgotten source of energy it means that economies wont be stuck in the boom and bust cycle of it all.

Paul N
Paul N 3 months

Every economy is in trouble. The USA was hopelessly in debt even prior to the cov. This claim is silly.

Slick Willy Clinton
Slick Willy Clinton 3 months

And the issue is....?

IIzard 3 months

Uhm... Should be relative to GDP. Venezuela will be top. Quatar will be high too.

Prodigal Liberal
Prodigal Liberal 3 months

Spot on @Stephen

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