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Trump supports Postal Service after threatening to cut its funding

Trump supports Postal Service after threatening to cut its funding

United States President Donald Trump on Friday pledged to ’never let our Post Office fall’, hours after having threatened to block emergency assistance to the United States Postal Service. The President had earlier hit out at the agency for not raising package shipping prices on retail giants like Amazon.

IvoryDove 6 months

The postal service is bloated and unsustainable without massive subsidization. They cut deals with big players like Amazon for delivery below cost. Who pays for that? Us! Why not raise rates? They'd fold. Why not lay off the fat, slow, workforce? DaUnionz!

Carol 6 months

You know who's a joke: the president, on the American public, and the world!

Carol 6 months

"You" don't RUN the American people's post office...everywhere your hands touch is poisoned!

Carol 6 months

They wouldn't need a "loan" if he hadn't "robbed" them when he 👀 first came into office!

Will Miller
Will Miller 6 months

Great, now I've gotta pay more for shipping.

Dank Duck
Dank Duck 6 months

Amazon who paid nothing in taxes has a problem paying for cost of its own shipping? Tough love. Maybe making the price realistic would mean local businesses will be able to better compete with mega corporations who evade taxes and don't pay their own cost of operation. This is good news for small businesses, bad news for globalists. Consumers will not be affected in the long run. They will just order in larger volume per shipment to still get free shipping.

Inappropriate Name
Inappropriate Name 6 months

It took USPS 52 hours to deliver meds from a CVS that is a 10 minute walk away. Not exaggerating. Yeah, don't fund them.

space ghost
space ghost 6 months

Good time to trim the fat.

ICblades 6 months

...Trump didn't need To do anything the postal service has broken for longer than I have been a live

William 6 months

Have fun spending 20 bucks to mail an envelope...cheers..

T3hGladiator 6 months

I will eat my hat if Trumpy makes the post office turn a profit.

Fin 6 months

Once again dismantling an American institution founded by Ben franklin

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