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Supreme Court denies motion to block Trump’s ’public charge’ rule

Supreme Court denies motion to block Trump’s ’public charge’ rule

The Supreme Court on Friday denied a request to block the Trump administration’s ’public charge’ rule during the COVID-19 health crisis. The rule links a migrant’s eligibility for legal status with the likelihood that he or she will rely on public assistance. A group of state officials, led by NY AG Letitia James, had asked the justices to revisit the decision in light of the ongoing pandemic.

duckilover 4 months

Sensible decision.

TheTrooper424 4 months

No shit, the President is allowed to control who comes in and out of the country.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 4 months

Imagine using a pandemic to further a political agenda, if anything they were MORE likely to back Trump as letting in a bunch of dependents during a pandemic is just stupid.

Hannibal 4 months

So I had to look up the AG of New York state. Apparently she was a former member of the so-called Working Families party, a party described by the New York Post as a semi-Marxist organization replete with 19th century Communist economic and social policies. The fact that this nut job was able to argue in front of the Supreme Court is nothing short of shameful. Our power elite is an unholy marriage of Marxist politicians and billionaires who fund their vision whilst still skimming off the rest of us.

llh 4 months

Anyone who disagrees with Trump might want to consult Ellis Island policy for precedent.

Commodore 4 months

And watch the conservative 3rd Reich Republican's heads explode!😂🤯😂🤯😂

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