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Trump cuts daily briefing short after day of mockery over disinfectant comments

Trump cuts daily briefing short after day of mockery over disinfectant comments

After more than a month of near-daily WH coronavirus briefings, Trump stayed behind closed doors on Saturday after advisers warned the president that his appearances were hurting his campaign. On Friday, Trump spoke for less than 30 minutes and took no questions. As per reports, some aides have urged him to shorten his lengthy daily briefing and leave medical advice to the experts.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 4 months

Your network is suppressing information about joe Biden’s sexual assault of Tara reade. Your network has consistently lied throughout the entire coronavirus crisis, even going so far as to push literal Chinese propaganda. You have absolutely no moral compass and absolutely no spine.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 4 months

Let me get this straight, the media wanted to boycott the WH Corona briefings because of alleged misinformation, now they are pissed that the WH briefing was too short? They have done nothing but ask unproductive "gotcha" questions, now they are annoyed that they weren't allowed to do that? Maybe try doing for job for 5 minutes and you might be treated like a professional!

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 4 months

Trump shows how spineless he is by avoiding questions about his ridiculous suggestion from the day before. A real leader would publicly admit their mistake and provide clarification to their people, especially the ones in danger of taking his suggestion and harming themselves. Instead he leaves the stage with his tail between his legs. Even worse, he says he was being sarcastic when clearly he wasn’t. Even if he was being sarcastic that would be worse as now over 50k Americans have died, using sarcasm when suggesting cures/treatments is belittling to families that have experienced death because of the virus. It would take an unfit psychopath who is completely out of touch to choose to publicly use sarcasm to deal with the situation....I guess that does describe him though!

Denitsa 4 months

My 5-grader has better instincts than him. And even if she has, let's put it tactfully, out of the box ideas every now and then, she has the good sense to consider them first in her mind and then say them out loud in front of other people.

Brent 4 months

He can try and run but he can't hide. He honestly believed he was onto a good thing by floating the idea that people should inject detergent. How could anyone with such a "very, very, large brain" not understand that what he suggested ridiculous. But then he compounded his mistake by telling an outright lie, in an attempted to justify his ignorance.

Robert_Clearwater 4 months

This reminds me of the video where it's raining and trump is going up some stairs to get in a plane and his umbrella is being a pain in the ass and he just drops it to head inside. He probably had to poop or something. I like the idea of trump thinking to himself "no screw you people you're gonna get a quickie and then I'm gonna sit on the toilet and drink some hot tea."

Eric Leija
Eric Leija 4 months

Yes you've never said something stupid. You're the poster child for oratory perfection ... 🙄

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 4 months

When all you can ask were loaded questions with the hope of an"gotcha" moment, can you really be surprised?

Aaron 4 months

Made your own bed.

Boo 4 months

CNN is rotten to it's core.

tsylana 4 months

'Whinger-in-chief aborts himself from press conferences that he had chosen to inject himself into because he can't take criticism, or accept accountability, for dumb things he said on national TV.'

Evil Smoo
Evil Smoo 4 months

Actually, the UV light on beaches doesn't sound like the best place for viruses. But his applies to precious few places, and not all latitudes, so it's not very useful.

Fin 4 months

He must be watching the windex commercial light is life jingle... N spending far to much time on his tanning bed

Matt 4 months

How dare he have and spread hope the end is nigh and he should be telling everyone to prepare for the apocalypse... did I sound like a Democrat I did my best lol

michael 4 months

FINALLY. let's see if he can tolerate not being the center of attention. 100 bucks says he starts a vlog.

Boo 4 months

As silly as his suggestion is, I guess those that actually do it are proving Darwin right.

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