’Give me my money back’: Cuomo rips McConnell’s bankruptcy suggestion

’Give me my money back’: Cuomo rips McConnell’s bankruptcy suggestion

Gov Cuomo accused McConnell (R-Ky.) of making ’the most un-American, most uncharitable, ugly statement of all time’ and noted that New York ’puts more money in the federal pot’ than McConnell’s home state. ’Kentucky is the No. 3 state in taking from the federal pot every year than they put in the pot every year.

GreenMachine 0 months

It's his city. Years of his policies. If it's unamerican for a state or city to go bankrupt then it should be mandatory that they balance a budget. No one bails me out. The average American lives with theft consequences of choices. It forces us to think 2 seconds ahead and make better choices. Maybe if NYC would focus more on being thur kind of city you want to move to than one that you work hard to leave then thru would have this issue.

Matthew 0 months

Cuomo's argument: We irresponsibly spend money on NY specific programs to buy votes and now you need to bail us out so we can keep doing it. If you don't our irresponsibility will tank your economy

IvoryDove 0 months

Isn't that the fundamental point of bankruptcy? To absolve yourself of your fiscal responsibility?

Met Man
Met Man 0 months

Cuomo is absolutely right here. New York has always been a large contributer to the national treasury, and now they need some back they get told to just go bankrupt. Absolutely rediculous!

Patrick 0 months

States are responsible for their operating budgets. There are consequences to your financial priority decisions. Avoiding the consequences is juvenile. Grow up and make the hard decisions or get out of the way.

James 0 months

Nice to see Cuomp becoming a libertarian on taxes./s In all seriousness, I don’t think we really should be bailing out states (or anyone for that matter). It’s like how we shouldn’t have bailed our businesses like Airline companies that were losing money ages before Coronavirus was even on the radar.

Mutatis 0 months

Perhaps someone can clarify. What does Cuomo want the Fed to cover exactly? As I thought they were already providing funds to cover items directly related to the virus, like hospital treatment, unemployment increases, etc?

ContraConsensus 0 months

This balance of net takers and receivers is missing lots of details. https://www.truthinaccounting.org/news/detail/financial-state-of-the-states-2019 Some of the states most fiscally responsible with their state budgets do vote Red. Flaws in the argument: With deficit financing perpetually fueling federal spending, federal spending can be a bit like foie gras. What kind of federal spending is being done in “net taker” states? Did their representatives vote against budgets? If a state government objects to said federal spending, do they even have a choice? To pretend that blue states are owed something by red states is an insult to the sovereignty of states as a whole. I will agree that most states, red and blue, along with the US as a whole has an unhealthy relationship with debt and it will, sooner or later, bite everyone in the ass. Government may not be like a business, but they are not immune to economic forces.

Aaron 0 months

Another fat tire bully?

TheMadDane 0 months

"My money back" lmfao

chad joice
chad joice 0 months

Cuomo for President

MySmallSlice 0 months

Culmination is right.....

Fin 0 months

Call em out Andrew... Facts n expose his grift

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