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Civilian shot dead by a police officer enforcing Coronavirus lockdown in Somalia

Civilian shot dead by a police officer enforcing Coronavirus lockdown in Somalia

Hundreds of civilians in Mogadishu are reported protesting against abuses from police officers enforcing lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The growing anger among residents of Mogadishu was sparked after reported beating and shooting by police officers that led to the killing of a civilian and injuring others.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 4 months

Somalia has police?

Pj 4 months

This needs to be trumps fault somehow, racism?

Random Bit
Random Bit 4 months

PJ: Trump probably gave them CV19 several years ago, when he called them a “shithole country”?

Frederick 4 months

Oh yeeeeah, because Corona is the disease that Somalia needs to worry about.

Peter 4 months

On his death certificate it shall say: corona

A1d32 4 months

People are rioting because they cannot afford to be in a lock down!

Akira6968 4 months

Pointless side note: It's funny how he's dressed in clothing that no one in Somalia would ever be able to make on their own.

CITIZEN 4 months

It can happen anywhere. "It's for your own good, citizen."

ConcealCarryProtect 4 months

Tyranny: Coming to a state near you. Dont let those foreigners hog all the fun.

S 4 months

Ok, so please, next time put the name of the country first in CAPITAL letters, thanks

Gordon 4 months

Are they limiting the number of pirates on a boat?

R D 4 months

I didn't sponsor kids in World Vision to see them become policemen

Brian 4 months

Well, if this wasn’t a misleading headline. You could have stripped every single word except shooting in Somalia. But then it wouldn’t be newsworthy.

NeverMetTheGuy 4 months

So a buncha police have the CCP Lung Death, but the caption is "Civilian shot dead protesting lockdown"?

eclipseNF 4 months

Africa lol

NV1992 4 months

Inb4 “they should’ve obeyed the law”

Andrew Mills
Andrew Mills 4 months

At least he didn't die from COVID?

Elaine 4 months

If the civilian was doing what is shown in the picture, I don’t really care.

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