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Birx bothered that Trump’s disinfectant comment remains in news

Birx bothered that Trump’s disinfectant comment remains in news

Reacting to a question on President Trump’s comment that injecting disinfectant could treat the coronavirus, Dr Deborah Birx said that it ’bothers’ her that this is still in the news cycle as the president was just ’musing’ on the subject. ’...I think he just saw the information at the time, immediately before the press conference, and he was still digesting that information,’ Birx told CNN.

dan 6 months

If anyone can make an issue out of a non-issue it's progressives

IIzard 6 months

She's correct, he was wondering what was possible, the press are too stupid to understand that... And the press didn't want to cover the briefings because they were helping Trump's numbers, CNN actually said this. Now he's caused a little contravercy and they're covering it again, weird. It's almost like he plays them like a damn fiddle.

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 6 months

Libs: We want professional highly trained doctors telling us what is right. Also Libs: Any doctor that sides with Orange-man is just under his thumb and a sell out to the country.

Barry 6 months

Hmm must be a professional or something

Commodore 6 months

Yes, a musing from the mind of an ego maniacal moron, who's so desperate to save his political career, that he'd risk the lives of US citizens.

Harrison 6 months

there’s footage where you can watch her immediate reaction to him making those remarks. she knows, as anyone who watched it knows, that trump wasn’t kidding and really believed what he was saying.

Fin 6 months

Neither musing nor amusing.. Sheer ignorance n lack of fourth grade science not to mention ability to read labels.. Next he will defund poison control center just to cover his butt head remarks

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 6 months

Yet another news piece that will be over analyzed and over used for the next several weeks. Libs will use anything these days.

John 6 months

Just another one in the Trump herd who’s afraid of losing their job to an incompetent useless president

TheLibCon 6 months

Yes it was amusing.

daryl 6 months

Corrupt elite benefiting from other things one would suppose like anti body blood transfusions from the unsuspecting victims

Barry 6 months

Are they saying a Musing or amusing?

Mickey Juice
Mickey Juice 6 months

What do you think is in the flu shot.... rainbow water and ground up unicorn horns.

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