Saudi Arabia abolishes flogging

Saudi Arabia abolishes flogging

Saudi Arabia has abolished flogging as a punishment. Court-ordered floggings in Saudi Arabia have long drawn condemnation from human rights groups. The Saudi supreme court said this was done to ’bring the kingdom into line with international human rights norms against corporal punishment’.

R0411 0 months

So what, they got rid of flogging as a punishment. It is much more heinous that they punish people for extramarital sex, or insulting Islam. Punishing people for those things are the real crimes against humanity. Yes I get that it is part of their culture, but that just means that their culture is partially barbaric, and needs lots of reform. Yes, their culture is second class as compared to Western culture, and would be much better off if it wasn't influenced by Islam.

riheg 0 months

A nugget for the media as the saudis continue to impale, crucify, torture and behead. 50.000 children are dead in Yemen because of the US-Saudi siege warfare. But the dirty journalists are satisfied with an empty gesture

michael 0 months

about time.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 0 months

Do they still cut your hand off for stealing? (Honest question, I know some non-1st world countries still do that.)

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 0 months

Now people will be shot!

Seekster 0 months

Another small step for Saudi Arabia.

DevilsAdvocate 0 months

Dude in the picture has rape face.

KayBun 0 months

Baby steps, one at a time. Maybe they will become a civilized country by the end of the century.

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