Bill de Blasio appoints wife head of racial inequality task force

Bill de Blasio appoints wife head of racial inequality task force

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, will head up a COVID-19 task force that looks into racial inequality as part of his plan to reopen the city. ’The economic and racial disparities that have been made so clear by this crisis, we knew about them before,’ said de Blasio. NY’s poorest areas have been hardest hit by pandemic, and minorities have died at disproportionately high rates.

R0411 0 months

The main reason these communities were hit harder was because they have much larger percentage of obese people and people with type 2 diabetes. Both of those diseases are self inflicted, meaning that many of these deaths would have been prevented if these people made better life choices. Socioeconomic factors do play a role, but only minimally. This task force will not adress this issue, because they don't actually want to help minorities.

Taft Tibbs
Taft Tibbs 0 months

conflict of interests....? is it national "make your own rules day." ?celebration in full swing. can she claim sexual harassment?

Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 0 months

Lmao, what an idiot.

Boo 0 months

This is sooooo stupid

AlexJ 0 months

She was appointed as the head of what?

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 0 months

Next week he will will appoint his son to the nepotism task force.

R0411 0 months

This is Chicago, not New York, but events like this could also be a reason why it effects minority communities more.

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