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Social distancing will remain ’through the summer’, says Dr. Birx

Social distancing will remain ’through the summer’, says Dr. Birx

Dr. Deborah Birx said in an interview Sunday that while trends give her ’great hope’ for slow reopenings over the next few months, many of the social distancing measures will be a constant fixture through the summer. At the same time, she stressed that the country needs a ’breakthrough innovation in testing’ to get a more accurate picture of the virus’ spread.

IvoryDove 4 months

The best thing they can do is a truly random sampling of people in various regions, then extrapolate from the data received...... Prison testing in some locations found over 94% have already been exposed and were asymptomatic. If that applies to the general population, this will have been the biggest cluster-**** in history.

Joyce 4 months

No way. All deaths are being labeled Covid. OPEN AMERICA NOW

Skot 4 months

Good luck with that. The mistake was quarantining the whole population. Now they have to double down. What kind of free society agrees to indefinite shutdowns?

Steve 4 months

Social distancing over the summer would completely destroy any business that relies on the tourist economy. Any business that relies on tourism will probably not survive.

Patrick 4 months

Leave me alone Dr Debbie! None of your predictions have materialized. The only place producing your numbers is New York where they are obviously faking numbers.

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 4 months

Suuuure, it'll stay open throughout the summer. I hope the cops have a lot of tickets to hand out once the weather starts warming up. People were tired of it when it was Cole outside. I think governments underestimate people's tolerance for being forced to stay inside.

TheLibCon 4 months

Have fun with riots and state uprisings, American civil war 2.0, sad to see, especially when it could be avoided by diminishing government power. Even here in the UK people are getting sick of the authoritarianism of the government and local police forces which will lead to massive civil unrest if it has not already in some areas.

Will Miller
Will Miller 4 months

And she can go to hell along with the rest of them

Vincent Kozic
Vincent Kozic 4 months

Who needs social distancing when according to our president we can just inject disinfectant and shove u.v. lights up our a$$es.

Perpecede Celequex
Perpecede Celequex 4 months

Reopening the country right now would just cause a spike, slow reopening is the only way to keep a downward trend. If you are worrying so much about the buisnesses and the economy, how about checking out the new harvard plan "Roadmap to Pandemic Resilience", it details how this would best work. A youtuber by the name of Vihart has a break down of it too that is comprehensible, just look up #howwereopen. The plan was made by people of every political leaning, in a series of relevant professions, just for all you people all uptight about parties right now. This plan is likely our best shot.

Adam 4 months

Experts at 15% of cases: close everything and start social distancing. Republicans at 100% peak of cases: open everything back up!

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