Australia launches controversial COVID-19 tracking app

Australia launches controversial COVID-19 tracking app

The Australian government has launched a controversial COVID-19 tracing app that uses Bluetooth signals to log when people have been close to one another. The app has been criticized by civil liberties groups as an invasion of privacy, however, the government says that the app, which is voluntary to use, would not track location, and has promised to make legislation ensuring privacy of the users.

Paul N
Paul N 0 months

My phone will go in a lake before I get tracked by anything remotely like this. I have everything that can be turned off on my phone that tracks or keeps location history that can be. It’s no ones business where you or I am except our own.

Watcher 0 months

Voluntary, but if not enough people download it, it will then be mandatory.

The Right Perspective
The Right Perspective 0 months

So many sheep live in Australia. Incidences of COVID-19 are so low that the chances of actually coming into contact with an infected person is remote. This is no reason to voluntarily download an app that gives the government the power to monitor your movement.

Gary Bea
Gary Bea 0 months

If too many people use this then we'll end up with The Streisand Effect where those who don't have it will be flagged as suspicious. To hide you need to act as average as possible, not be an outlier. Herd Immunity doesn't just apply to diseases but apps too.

Horatio 0 months

Mandatory my arse...I'll give it 3 weeks and see what happens.

Jack 0 months

It is the future whether we like it or not. At a certain point technology will let anyone know where you are at anytime. It's scary but privacy will become something abstract to future generations.

Mat McKenzie
Mat McKenzie 0 months

Yeah.. so it's gonna be made mandatory. Once they realize that there's no effective way to enforce it then the whole will be forgotten by the end of May. Half of Australia will not want to install it, the elderly won't even understand it or know how to install it or make sure it's operating correctly, and children won't have phones. It's the stupidest idea ever that destroys basic rights if Australians which they have been trying to do for some time. DO NOT INSTALL

F G 0 months

What a terrible, terrible idea... What ever happened to indevidual privacy?

Girthquake 0 months

Do. Not. Download.

TheLibCon 0 months

Oppress me harder Daddy.

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