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Spain and Morocco in tense standoff as 6,000 migrants arrive by sea

Spain and Morocco in tense standoff as 6,000 migrants arrive by sea

Spain deployed its military to the Moroccan border Tuesday as thousands of migrants jumped fences or swam onto European soil for the second day in a row after Rabat loosened border controls. The influx of migrants has fueled the diplomatic spat between Rabat and Madrid and created a humanitarian crisis for Ceuta, the Spanish city in North Africa.

Lets be Honest
Lets be Honest 0 months

Borders exist for a reason. Different laws, different ideals, different economy. Same reason we have fences between houses. “You do what you want there and I’ll do what I want here.” The only way to go borderless in the world is to have one umbrella government and I don’t suggest putting all your eggs in one corrupt basket.

michel booltink
michel booltink 0 months

Spain should seriously defend its border. That s the only message those migrants will understand. If they want to migrate to Europe they have ro do this via the official route.

Daniel 0 months

How is this any different from an invasion? “You did something we disapprove of so we are sending in thousands of people that you don’t want in order cause trouble for you in retaliation.” Instead of destabilization through physical violence and destruction like an invading army they destabilize through the economic/political/social burden of suddenly having 6k people to deal with. Sending them all back takes time, money, and resources. Taking them all in takes time, money, and resources. Holding them until you can decide who stays and who goes takes time, money, and resources.

James 0 months

Invaders. Not "migrants." It is only with radical leftism and the careful use of language that 6000 foreigners rushing a nation's borders that invaders become migrants.

Iam 0 months

They need to clarify the terminology, they are NOT migrants, or immigrants, they are illegal aliens, or unarmeed invaders.

N.K150 0 months

Spain needs to f*ck off from Africa and give the still colonised cities of Ceuta and Melillia back and What Rabat did was smart Spain hosts Morocco’s biggest enemy and Morocco opens border.

Noneya Bizness
Noneya Bizness 0 months

There's a real simple solution here. Sink the fucking boats. I bet they stop coming

O.T.Q.D 0 months

Oh yeah 6000 just leisurely stroll up on a boat, thats not an invasion, or size of an army or anything like that.

Darrell Vermilion
Darrell Vermilion 0 months

"YOU take them." "No YOU!" "NO 𝙔𝙊𝙐"1!"

Jon 0 months

Why are 6000 people just sailing up in a boat???

Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon 0 months

But why tho?

Julian 0 months


Patrick 0 months

Go Spain!!! Defend yourselves against the invasion!

O.T.Q.D 0 months

Spain, what a bunch of r@cists /s

BlunderingFool 0 months

That’s 6000 people who don’t belong there.

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