Trump dismisses his daily coronavirus briefings as ’not worth the time & effort’

Trump dismisses his daily coronavirus briefings as ’not worth the time & effort’

Trump expressed frustration with his daily briefings on twitter Saturday, calling them ’not worth the time and effort’, and lashed out at journalists for their ’hostile questions’ . Trump’s tweet came a day after he shortened his briefing on Friday. A day later, NYT claimed that his briefings ’are inflicting grave damage on his political standing’, attributing the sentiment to unnamed Republicans.

Asura Bomb
Asura Bomb 0 months

I mean, he's not wrong. He cant ask a question about treatment without it getting blown out of proportion. No he didnt suggest injecting lysol into your body, but the media would LOVE to say that he did. At this point, its worthless. Even in a global crisis the maniacs can't let go of their derangement.

Rae 0 months

Trump is doing the job he is supposed to do. Since he is A Republican the media will not give him a break and that is pathetic

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 0 months

Good bcs honestly they are just taking up valuable air time which could have something actually worth watching on. About time he stopped trying to be Mr. Right and play DR. The dude is a tool a idiot a con and a racist. Of course he wouldn't try and be racists especially if he's trying to win again so before ppl start saying he's not racist...... Which he is..... He would never tell you bcs he needs votes.

Seekster 0 months

They are worth the time and the effort. The briefings have been successful and remain the best source of information on the Coronavirus from the government. Sure the government isn't the must trust worthy source of information but they are more trustworthy than the news media which has no accountability at all. I sincerely hope Trump continues the press briefings inspire of the gotcha questions he gets asked.

Deplorable 0 months

Good.. the MSM have been completely negligent. Speak to the people that actually haven't lost their mind or who haven't been infected with TDS. We hear you!

Chris 0 months

Great news, people ought to be tired of hearing daily ramblings of the insane. Every time he opens his mouth nothing of value come out. Go back to Twitter and preach to your zombies.

Brent 0 months

The alleged briefings, always were a waste of time! He could have saved everybody a lot of time and a few lives, by not being on the stage at all. If he just went back to watching fox news on tv and stop trying to run the country with so called, "sarcastic" ideas, it would save a lot of lives! I wouldn't be surprised that during lockdown, he has converted the oval office into a mini putt course, just so you can keep playing golf....

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 0 months

Can you blame him? He isn't perfect, by any means. But the amount of loaded questions and bias leftist media smearing him on absolutely everything he says helps me sympathize with his stance here. If the media can actually report without lies by omission or out of context quotes, it would be better for all parties involved.

Alaric 0 months

most media is spreading ccp propaganda including the dems because china hates trump n does business with biden n his son but most of you are tio stupid to notice obvious facts

Luther Young
Luther Young 0 months

Well, he isn't required to give the briefings... it was really a courtesy.

Skot 0 months

Both the president and corporate media are playing reality, meanwhile unemployed and terrorized Americans are living reality.

Jon 0 months

What a cry baby

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 0 months

Hey! He finally understands what the rest of us have known since the first one!

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 0 months

Lol "unnamed republicans" equals "we made it up"

MrFredag 0 months

Me, me, me..... what a baby!

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