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WhatsApp forwards with fake news decrease 70% post security updates

WhatsApp forwards with fake news decrease 70% post security updates

WhatsApp have updated its systems to tackle fake news where users are not allowed to forward messages to more than one contact. Similarly once a message has previously been forwarded five times, the forwarding feature got restricted. This has helped company tackle 70% reduction in the number of highly forwarded messages and limit the app as a place for personal and private conversations.

Steven 5 months

So much for total privacy. Signal is much better.

Max Bants
Max Bants 5 months

So you tackle "fake news" by restricting people's ability to share ANY news... This is like a crisps packet claiming they have 20% less fat, but really they have 20% less crisps.

Christian Wagner
Christian Wagner 5 months

WhatsApp censors 70% of politically incorrect Covid-19 messages

Talon One
Talon One 5 months

Works exactly as long as people need to realize that you can just copy and paste the message and then forward it to 10 people . 🤷‍♂️

“blue8044” 5 months

There should be an outrage about this. FBI-book is clearly monitoring your Whats-App messaging.

TheCurrentModality 5 months

This will be the latest "Get Woke, Go Broke', thatva CEO would self-sabotage thier company is beyond my understanding .

Dave 5 months

Whatsapp Directors: "People use our app a lot. How can we stop them?"

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