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Schumer plans to stop Trump from placing name on stimulus checks

Schumer plans to stop Trump from placing name on stimulus checks

As per reports, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is planning to introduce a provision that would prevent President Trump from placing his name on any additional stimulus checks. Dubbed the ’No PR Act’, the provision would ensure that no federal funding would go towards’promotional material’ that benefits Trump or VP Pence.

Max Bants
Max Bants 5 months

Democrats: "wanting his name on the check is childish and potentially holds up delivery. We'll be the bigger people and throw a hissy-fit to hold up delivery"

Trendy 5 months

Meanwhile neither democratic nor republican party can seem to actually get loans to small businesses to avoid a depression. Glad Chuck is picking his battles wisely.

Royston Yinkore
Royston Yinkore 5 months

I don't get it. He's president. Didn't Obama have "Obama care"? I'm not American, I don't know but that should be something he can do

WWG1WGA 5 months

To late already got mine took a picture

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 5 months

Meanwhile the Dems are exploiting the stimulus bills intended to help Americans by forcing through partisan bs, this is a smoke screen.

Jay Walsh
Jay Walsh 5 months

F*cking being children.

porcus 5 months

Schumer showing he does not care a bit about actually helping Americans get through the economic disaster caused by the government. Very typical and I hope voters remember this come his term limit.

Libertatem Gentibus
Libertatem Gentibus 5 months

Isn't there anything more important for them to focus on? So damn stupid.

Eric 5 months

This is how our representatives choose to utilize their time. Everybody remember this for when your business closes down, your savings run dry, and you're in line at the food bank.

fish 5 months

Amy Schumer?

NeverMetTheGuy 5 months

So is it safe to say that Schumer and Pelosi are actively working against the benefit of the country? If we have to deal with four more years of them, I'm calling Elon Musk and going to Mars.

Sapper 5 months

Racists I hear people cry about ‘obama’ care. I don’t know how it is in the USA, but in England, every white person is getting really pissed with being demonised and being called offensive names. Time for EQUALITY.

IIzard 5 months

Open the fucking economy. The lockdown doesn't help anyone.

Lucas 5 months

I'm confused, mine was direct deposited. If we get more it's checks?

Old McBundy
Old McBundy 5 months

Those complaining about potential holdups because of the signature realize he isn’t physically signing millions of checks, right? They are printed with his name on them.

Old McBundy
Old McBundy 5 months

The Internal Revenue Service is an agency of the Treasury Department. The Treasury Department is a cabinet-level department within the Executive Department. The head of the Executive Department, is the President, who just so happens to be Donald Trump. The treasury secretary is the boss of the IRS, and Donald Trump is the treasury secretary’s boss. If President Trump wants his name on the checks, he can put it on there. It is truly that simple. The boss’ name goes on the check everywhere else. The President is not my boss, but he is the Treasury’s boss, and Chuck Schumer is not.

Ertuğrul 5 months

Who gives a shit about name the american people needs help

Snoopy919 5 months

This has gotten out of hand on both sides. His name doesn't need to be on the checks, that's basically a campaign move, it's obvious. But now that it is, we shouldn't be obsessing over it. There are more pressing matters at hand.

Adam 5 months

Republicans don't understand that the President does not hold the funds. Why would his name be on the check other than for PR reasons? It's not coming from him.

Normal 5 months

Hopefully some will be so disgusted by seeing Trump's signature that they won't bother cashing the checks. A win for everybody!

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