Dairy farmers dump milk amid COVID-19 pandemic

Dairy farmers dump milk amid COVID-19 pandemic

Social distancing orders have closed restaurants, schools & stores, leading to no market for the farmers produce in California, Florida & Gulf states. Similarly dairy farmers are not in a position to store milk and hence they’re dumping it as demand remains bleak amid lockdown measures. The absence of biggest buyer of milk in US i.e. National School Lunch Program too has caused a milk supply glut.

Jay Walsh
Jay Walsh 4 weeks

Dairy farmers dump millions of gallons every year due to over production.

cjack 4 weeks

As the farmers should!!!! Who cares about the 6 million children who are malnourished in the USA they should just get jobs if they want food! Leaches!!! They should be sent down the coal mines if they want milk!! http://www.ers.usda.gov/topics/food-nutrition-assistance/food-security-in-the-us/key-statistics-graphics.aspx

Unity.Nat 4 weeks

Sounds to me like they don't need public funds. If the first thing they do is dump product, instead of donating I don't see why it's justified to give these people any subsidies.

Dave 4 weeks

Could be worse. Could be chocolate milk.

Fritz the Cat
Fritz the Cat 4 weeks

This is raw milk, straight from the cow. The FDA does not allow distribution of raw milk to consumers as it must be paturized first in order to be "safe for consumption". It's the government that is getting in the way of people receiving dairy products from the farmer.

Joseph 4 weeks

I know some places have either been giving milk away for free or 'at cost' in Wisconsin so so much of it isn't wasted.

Indo 4 weeks

It's the worst nightmare u can think of. What a real nasty mess we got ourselves into. How did even get this far. What in the world were our highly advanced n very highly paid people doing ? We are gonna go down in history as the biggest boo-boos ever. How lovely Indeed.

Garthak 4 weeks

NOOOOOO!!! This is truly a tragedy, milk is delicious and shouldn't just be "dumped"

Jack 4 weeks

Just make more cheese folks. Put giant circus tents, down for covid, in the parking lots, down for covid, and make cheese tents. Cheese tents. Repeate with other covid affected things I have not thought of. Much cheddar.

Spdrcr 4 weeks

What, isn't farmers get goverment subsidies for over producing. Why dont they give free milk during this pandemic. Why let it go to waste. I dont get it.

susan 3 weeks

How many food banks and ordinary households could of used that milk. Dairy company wasted it, to reap benifits of the loss on taxes! Selfish!!!

your foxy friend
your foxy friend 4 weeks

It sucks but cows dont really have an off button

Carneliantopsoil 4 weeks

Make some cheese!

SamSucc 4 weeks

No reason to cry about it

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