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If North Korea faces succession, Kim’s sister most likely to take control

If North Korea faces succession, Kim’s sister most likely to take control

North Korea has never announced who would follow leader Kim Jong Un in the event he is incapacitated. South Korean, Chinese officials have cast doubt on reports that Kim is gravely ill. However, speculation is rife around who could replace Kim in case of such a situation. Analysts say Kim’s sister Kim Yo Jung is most likely to take on the reigns and has a firm control of key party functions.

IvoryDove 6 months

Kim's death is getting more coverage than Biden's sexual assault charges.

Mike 6 months

How ironic it would be if North Korea had a female leader before the UK Labour Party.

Otis B Driftwood
Otis B Driftwood 6 months

Pretty sure that if Un is still alive, he'll have to have her killed, now. This family is extremely paranoid about threats to their power.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 6 months

No Patriarchy in a Dictatorship. Pretty sure CNN will capitalize on that.

Alexandra C
Alexandra C 6 months

If Kim Jun Un is I'll and can not lead the country, this turmoil could lead the people of North Korea to Unit with the South. I really hope that the South does not pass this opportunity to try this when they are this vulnerable.

IvoryDove 6 months

I'm glad the USA doesn't have this "family first" rule of political succession... Except for the Bush, Clinton, Biden, Obama, Cuomo, Brown, Pelosi and other families who pass political power to their families.

Ofresh 6 months

After all the glowing praise and positive attention she got during the olympics, I expect the media to frame this as a feminist triumph.

dan 6 months

This is a military dictatorship Don't be fooled because she's a woman She's known to be an evil female dog

Martin 6 months

A woman becoming leader of North Korea before there’s a woman Labour leader or a woman US president will not only be extremely ironic but I’ll bet the far left in both countries will likely use it as a platform to have a “discussion” about sexism in western politics and push identity politics to the forefront even more than they already do.

Seekster 6 months

Based on the fact that Kim Jung Un hasn't appeared to quiet rumors of his demise I think that the most likely scenarios are: 1. Kim Jung Un is alive but too indisposed to appear on television (possibly unconcious but alive). 2. This is some kind of trap so Kim Jung Un can see who is truly loyal to him. 3. Kim Jung Un is dead and there is disagreement about succession.

MATHematics 6 months

The chorus of woke Twitter retards calling her a boss bitch should prove once and for all that prioritizing things like gender identity in leadership is path to a cul-de-ballsac of idiocracy

SickOfTribalisem 6 months

Sounds unlickly... fom our western modern world prespective there's no problem with having a woman in office but in north korea.. i don't belive she'll be accepted... it's possible but...

Gordon 6 months

They would never admit he's incapacitated. Gods don't become incapacitated. I'm surprised they even tell their people the former leaders die. I would think they would be told they've become a higher being in another realm.

fish 6 months


Spdrcr 6 months

Is it worth discussing this, the regime is on the way down.

Indo 6 months

Big deal. One weirdo after another, then another endlessly. You can't do nothing about them. Its convenient for Chaina this way. U wanna ask them why ! Perhaps if u did a good kowtow u might get a reasonable answer.

Kai 6 months

I can't see NorKor Generals taking orders from a woman.

Lord Flasheart
Lord Flasheart 6 months

We all do know that Kim is the family name right? Seems silly talking about family members as individuals but calling them Kim.

Manuel 6 months

Majin buy-> kid buu

Paul Saxon
Paul Saxon 6 months

Poor Hillary. She wont be the first woman dictator.

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