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House Foreign Affairs Committee launches probe into Trump’s halting of WHO funds

House Foreign Affairs Committee launches probe into Trump’s halting of WHO funds

The House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Eliot Engel announced Monday he is opening an inquiry into the administration’s decision to withhold funding to the WHO. Engel, in a letter demanded the State Department hand over records and information dealing with the decision. Engel said that the WHO is an ’imperfect agency’, however, it is ’only as functional as its member states empower it to be’

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 6 months

So they want to investigate whether or not Trump should be able to suspend giving taxpayer dollars to a likely corrupt global organization? Ok, if Trump isn't the guy, who in the government is? Frankly as a taxpayer, I want a lot more transparency and accountability for the hundreds of millions we give to the WHO.

Deplorable 6 months

The Democrat party is a joke. They're corrupt and hate the POTUS because they and the media are exactly the same. They have been wrong on every major story! Both the radical left and their counterpart the MSM. This too will be a blow. Will only EXPOSE them further for their gross overreach and demand for power.

Robert_Clearwater 6 months

Partisan nonsense! Every single bit of this is just orange man bad stuff. The committee chair is a democrat, the investigation is into one of Trump's actions, there is literally not one thing Trump can do for which lefties will give him credit. Somehow I'm a trumptard because I don't believe in this hogwash.

bobby_5150 6 months

Shampeachment 3.0

Spdrcr 6 months

the CCP China's influence in the DNC. People needs to know who's money is pulling the strings.

Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers 6 months

This is silly. If they don't know why WHO funding was halted, they can call me so I can tell them. Wait, if I can tell them, what's the point of an investigation?

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