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Inflammatory symptom could be linked to coronavirus

Inflammatory symptom could be linked to coronavirus

A new inflammatory condition in children could be linked to the novel coronavirus, according to reports. An alert was issued to doctors in Britain’s Pediatric Intensive Care Society regarding the increase in the number of children suffering from the inflammation. Doctors in Britain, Spain and Italy have been warned to look out for the condition.

MATHematics 5 months

Goddamnit am I gonna have to turn off notifications to avoid getting hit by Doomeritis

TheMadDane 5 months

Well at least it isn't Suzuki disease. We'd be in real trouble if it was that.

Mutatis 5 months

A lot of unsupported speculating in these articles. Even if there was a linkage, it could merely be the behavioral response to the Wuhan virus has made it more likely for children to be exposed to environments, among a multitude of other variables, in ways they were not previously.

Gary Bea
Gary Bea 5 months

Gunshot wounds, car crashes, drownings - all of these were caused by coronavirus too because it was found in the victims system.

Joshua 5 months

Considering recent results coming out about strikes in otherwise healthy adults, this doesn’t seem too shocking. Frightening, just the same though.

Elaine 5 months

If it is Kawasaki disease it can be very serious and even deadly.

SickOfTribalisem 5 months

Ok but it's one thing to have a minor inflamation.. (true we don't know the long term effects but...) compared to a "fairly high" moratily rate and people suffering to death... chocking... and deth risk for children is still very low compared tl.....

Clint 5 months

Signs of the last days after America elected the anti christ as the leader of most powerful nation

Nikolai 5 months

I wonder, did it evolve to attack children now?

Anna 5 months

Kawasaki disease looks very similar to 'cytokind storm' which they've already identified as an issue with covid patients.

fish 5 months


Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 5 months

Someone gathered enought DNA points

Tamara Sauls
Tamara Sauls 5 months

John Stossel recently put out a video about his brother's research in the body's over reaction to inflammation and the use of Gelsolin. It's worth a look into. It's called "My Brother's Life-Saving Discovery"

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