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Biden leads Trump by 6 points in new national poll

Biden leads Trump by 6 points in new national poll

As per a new poll by USA Today–Suffolk University, Joe Biden leads President Trump by six points. 44% of respondents in the poll said they backed Biden, while 38% said they supported Trump. The last USA Today–Suffolk poll showed Trump leading Biden by 3 points in December. 57% of respondents said Biden ’cares about people like me’, compared to 39% who said the same about Trump.

PA_Patriot89 5 months

Haven’t people learned that polls aren’t everything?

Andrew Mills
Andrew Mills 5 months

Yikes. Who are they polling?

Matt H.
Matt H. 5 months

Don't always believe the polls, but do keep them in mind.

Boo 5 months

Polls are scientific. Election nite... Polls suck! How did we get it wrong?.. ok now believe the polls when they say Dems r the best.

Cody M
Cody M 5 months

Ahh yes, the polls. I remember when they declared that Hillary was gonna win in a record landslide victory. It's such a good thing they were right too, else we might be stuck with Trump as our president. Ohh, wait...

F G 5 months

Wait... is the media actually wanting us to believe that people are actually going to vote for Biden?

Unity.Nat 5 months

Who would believe polls when they are unreliable in a pandemic.

Evil Smoo
Evil Smoo 5 months

I hate to say it, but that creepy, allegedly sexually assaulting grandpa seems like the lesser evil. Just that he's likely more competent at running things, and listening to the experts that he would surround himself with. Because I get the feeling that Trump doesn't listen to anything that he doesn't already "know".

SwitchMagz 5 months

Didn't Hillary have a polling and chance to win of like 98% on election day in 2016? Why do humans not learn from history? Lol

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