Trump tells governors to ’seriously consider’ opening schools

Trump tells governors to ’seriously consider’ opening schools

President Trump on Mon advised governors to ’seriously consider’ reopening schools as part of his push to reopen economy. According to a CNN, 43 states as well as Washington, DC, have ordered that schools don’t reopen this academic year. Other states like California, Idaho, Kentucky, Maine, South Dakota & Tennessee have only recommended supporting students through distance learning models only.

Pryotra 3 weeks

The public school system needs to fold into the private sector. I would prefer the future of Wall-E to the future of Idiocracy. I hope that this forced that matter forward. Hopefully we can rebuild education to actually educate myself once again.

GreenMachine 3 weeks

Whoa! This is where I split. The schools should be the last thing to open. They are germ factories. They are nearly impossible to keep sanitary and the younger the students the harder it gets. Classrooms are too packed for proper learning let alone social distancing. By now many, id not most, schools should have adjusted to distance learning. Leave schools closed for the year. Then come up with a feasible plan for the fall.

GreenPartyFTW 3 weeks

Ok. Reopen when?

Dali 3 weeks

Pryotra, private charter schools are not showing any greater results than public schools. What they have done is destroy local public education and when they have bled all the money they can from the system, they take their profits, leave town and it is the "child is left behind". Additionally, private schools can choose which students they want. Public schools don't have the luxury of turning away students with mental or physical challenges not those with behavioral problems. I can honestly say my local public school has more admissions to top tier colleges and higher SAT scores than the 2 private parochial schools whose focus is winning at sports. Did you attend a public school?

Carol 3 weeks

You, are "not" going to "kill" our children, gchildren, etc! "Why" would anyone in their right mind listen to a mental case who told others to take: bleach, disinfectant, hydrochloroquine, etc?

Ekitchi Hoshi
Ekitchi Hoshi 3 weeks


shawn 3 weeks

In my opinion all trump is trying to do is risk children lives. Trump is trying to kill children and nothing else

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