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Farmers resort to euthanizing piglets under pandemic pressure

Farmers resort to euthanizing piglets under pandemic pressure

Farmers are reportedly killing piglets and giving sows abortions as the COVID-19 crisis takes a toll on the American meat industry. As per reports, nine producers in Iowa have started euthanizing some 125 newborn piglets each week until they get a break from the recent disruptions. The corpses are reportedly composted so they can be used as fertilizer.

AD C 5 months

Please Remember! There are actual laws that prevent farmers from selling or even donating milk and meat directly to consumers in most States! Too many people are getting angry at farmers for not breaking laws that were put in place to ensure food would be safe to eat!

James 5 months

The agriculture industry has been devastated during the Trump administration, first by his trade war and now by state and federal rules governing this pandemic. According to Tyson Foods our food supply chain is on the verge of collapse. Imagine meat and produce aisles looking like the toilet paper aisles in nations where people have no idea how to be self sufficient.

Mr. Bruce
Mr. Bruce 5 months

None of this makes sense at all... Farmers are being selfish, no need to do this...the government could help the farmer by buying their stock and giving it to people that cannot afford meals because they don't have a job right now... But do you think TruMcP, a true male chauvinistic p i g, would ever think about doing something like that??? Hell NO!!! What a waste...

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