Trump to designate meat processing plants as ’critical infrastructure’

Trump to designate meat processing plants as ’critical infrastructure’

United States President Donald Trump is widely expected to sign an executive order on Tuesday which would see him invoke the Defense Production Act in order to compel meat processing plants to stay open. The President will designate such plants as ’critical infrastructure’. The same was confirmed by a senior official from his administration.

Carol 0 months

Idiot, they're all getting sick!!

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 0 months

Good, meat needs to be prepared packed and transported so people won't starve.

James 0 months

The president has no constitutional authority to do this, but the American people will let him do it anyway with some even cheering him on.

Courtney 0 months

The headline isn't accurate. His order legally have right to another department to administer specific emergency funds to helping that industry. Something like that. No obligation for them to stay open, it's really just him puffing his chest and acting like he's doing something

TC_volenter 0 months

Employees making minimum wage in a meat packing plant are essential. Why congress and senet can’t even show up.

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