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Boris Johnson and partner announce birth of their baby

Boris Johnson and partner announce birth of their baby

UK PM Boris Johnson and partner Carrie Symonds have announced the birth of their baby. A spokeswoman for Johnson said both mother and baby were ’doing very well’ after the birth in a London hospital on Wednesday. Johnson returned to frontline work on Monday after suffering from COVID-19 and spending time in intensive care.

Flitch 6 months

With the number of kids Boris has had now, it just goes to show it's about charisma, not looks. What is this, number 6 or 7 that we know of?

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 6 months

Every time someone describes a "partner", my mind assumes they're homos. Or floozies. Or both. For some reason 'partner' feels so unnatural for a normal procreative relationship. Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Husband/Wife sounds much better.

Seekster 6 months

Congratulations. A bit odd he didn't tie the knot first.

Lord Flasheart
Lord Flasheart 6 months

Boris is 55, his babies mother is 32. I say "Well done good sir."

susan 6 months

His girlfriend reminds me of Sarah Ferguson’s daughter. 🤢

Fin 6 months

Congrats boris n his partner...

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