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Pompeo pushes China to provide access to Wuhan labs

Pompeo pushes China to provide access to Wuhan labs

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pushed China on Wednesday to provide the world access to its virology labs in Wuhan. Pompeo stressed that there was no awareness if the labs were ’operating at a level of security to prevent this from happening again’, referring to the work on contagious pathogens.

Watcher 4 months

Mean while, China just stalls for time and removes all evidence. Would be more interesting to investigate the people who fund these labs.

IvoryDove 4 months

We shouldn't be doing business with a totalitarian country like China. Nixon's ploy failed. Instead of China becoming more free, we've become less free.

SickOfTribalisem 4 months

Hahaha what a idiot as if the ccp woulden'tve allready coverd everything up... regardless of the origin.. be it from the lab.. (propably from studying bats and.. lots of edivance keep poping up) or be it from the wetmarket.. china allready covered evrything up there's no point even if china'd give the us acces... which is very very unlickly...

Elaine 4 months

Once again alot of blustering by people who protect Trump. Instead, Pompeo should look into why, last July, Trump removed our official Epidemiologist embedded In China's disease control whose job it was to track viruses in China. Particularly sInce no other country had an official to do so.

Sherlock 4 months

China is a pirate state. They cheat, lie, steal, etc. They should be banned or conquered before they take over the world, I doubt it would be a better place undr their influence. According to the scientist (Luc Montagnier) who first discovered HIV, this covid-19 virus is man-made. I have seen a few of his interviews and in a couple of them he clearly said China created the virus. He is all over the news, local and international, stating his findings.

Matthew 4 months

I always find it interesting on articles against china, leftist outlets never report on them

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