WaPo editorial board calls for Biden to address Reade’s allegations

WaPo editorial board calls for Biden to address Reade’s allegations

The Washington Post editorial board has called on Joe Biden to address allegations of a 1993 sexual assault from former aide Tara Reade. The board is demanding Biden release documents relating to his Senate career, adding that these notes could confirm whether Reade filed a complaint over the alleged incident. Biden has not directly addressed Reade’s allegations.

Dank Duck
Dank Duck 0 months

He is getting spanked by hillary day and night these days over this. Jokes aside, Dems are probably carving out a strategy to come out and discredit his accusers. Most probably they will look for scoop for Russian connection (already went there) or some other kind of ad hominem to get Joe's sorry @$$ through this.

inkogni 0 months

If he is allowed to speak on camera you know this is going to be golden to see but it's likely going to be censored or someone else will speak for him

IIzard 0 months

The Dems want to replace Biden with Michelle Obama.

Jon 0 months

Trump and the cultists love to call Wapo fake news constsntly. Such a beautiful thing to watch them flop around now using a wapo article in their attacks.

tsylana 0 months

DNC will soon have a decision to make, especially if media continue to ramp up this pressure. A Bernie/Warren ticket would be unbeatable, and I think they're quietly coming to that realisation. Question is, are they brave enough to correct the course.

E. 0 months

Biden should say that he does not remember but it has been Approximately 40 years ago n apologize anyway and done with talking about it. I am simply saying, why did she wait until he is the presumptive nominee to bring this up. Why did she not bring her complaint forward during the Obama Presidency? Bringing it up now, to me, seems suspicious. It seems the right wing coercion is in play here. What do she expect to get out of this accusation? Money? Fame? A news article or ruining the candidate for Trump. But Trump reputation with women is much worse n the claims were ignored by Trump. But now, some people wants Biden to speak on it. I hope speaks on it with 2 or 3 sentences n do not address it anymore without dragging Trump's escapades out. I do not want Trump for 4 more years.

🌀W_AS 0 months

Nope. Ain’t gonna happen. After the Access Hollywood fiasco and the Kavenaugh fiasco this kinda stuff just doesn’t matter to Americans anymore and as a political weapon it’s worthless. Should have thought about the ramifications of giving Donny and Brett a pass. Now it just looks hypocritical.

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