Bill de Blasio blasted for singling out the Jewish community

Bill de Blasio blasted for singling out the Jewish community

The Anti-Defamation League has called out Mayor Bill de Blasio after he condemned a large funeral gathering. The group allege that de Blasio targeted the entire Jewish community when only one group of people broke the rules. De Blasio said the gathering was ’absolutely unacceptable’. ’The time for warnings has passed’, de Blasio tweeted specifically aimed at the Jewish community.

I have no idea
I have no idea 0 months

So he put up a set of draconian rule that he is upset people keep breaking but the media's only problem is the group that caused this out burst happened to be Jewish. Your priorities are fucked.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 0 months

Your awful policy based on a complete overreaction has killed enough Americans already. Open the country.

Howdy 0 months

people see this and still thier minds don't put 2 and 2 together making 4 cause theyre so preoccupied with the lies being fed to them they they willingly leave their blindfolds on and expect it to all get better by the hand of government.

Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill 0 months

Wouldn’t people on the subway be breaking at the least social distancing

Fiq 0 months

Didnt he say to Jewish Communities, and all communities? I think they people who have a problem with what he said should put their energies towards something more fruitful. Were going through a pandemic, and in my opinion hes just exasperated from dealing with a terrible time as we all are. Do better guys.

tsylana 0 months

"...and all communities..." He didn't single out the Jews. It's not antisemitism. They broke the rules and they were scolded for doing it and that was highlighted as being unacceptable. That warning, via the quote above, was issued to *everyone*. Your faith or ethnicity does not give you dispensation.

Austin 0 months

This behavior is common among a lot of insular communities. Sad to see people take it personally.

ConcealCarryProtect 0 months

I did nazi this coming.

Ali 0 months

Look at the news titles , damn buzzfeed ... if trump tweeted something similar , they’d be tormenting him for the rest of his tenure for it . Fakenews

Elaine 0 months

I'm in NJ where my best friend died, as well as a family member. At the viewing, only 2 people at a time, maximum 10 people. At the burial site, again, only 10 people are allowed but 3 of them are the priest and the 2 grave workers.

susan 0 months

I’m so tired of Jewish people always playing the “victim card.” They weren’t practicing social distancing. I understand it was a prominent Rabbi who died, however others who’ve died, their families were limited on only a few people, that could attend their loved ones passing. Jewish people are expected to follow guidelines and stop acting so dam* entitled!

Clint 0 months

Since I live in Brooklyn, and near hasidic communities I'm talking first hand knowledge. About 2 weeks hasidic Jews did the same thing in borough park. I've personally witnessed when I drove through not many following rules to help curb the pandemic. What's so puzzling about this is some rabbis on interviews called for their community to obey the law and they said their community has been hit especially hard by many deaths caused by this virus. Some of them aren't taking this serious. I'm a city employee and every week we're losing coworkers. So it's real. Not a hoax. Too many Americans are just criminal minded, rebellious, entitled, and plain ignorant

shawn 0 months

It is a time to stay home not to get together for a funeral I understand the Jewish law/rule that states no damage to body and buried with in 7 days but to do that you only need family not the whole community. My opinion

🌀W_AS 0 months

DiBlasio was right on the money. This type of willful disregard for the public health has to be called out wherever it lies.

Morbo 0 months

Can't really condem De Blasio when people were condeming thousands of Muslims doing the exact same thing a few days ago.

Dawlben 0 months

Aren't there guides for this kind of stuff in the Jewish law for when you can't amass large groups?

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 0 months

He wanted to give them all gold stars

Nate 0 months

He specifically called out jews because they were the only ones gathering in large groups and not even taking basic precautions to prevent the spread

Pryotra 0 months

Literally arresting Jews for walking in the street. I mean, what more do you need to determine who is the Nazi? This man is a serious threat to liberty, and his constituents should run him physically out of town.

David 0 months

They are the only group gathering in mass. Have to love modern day reporting

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