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Mass evacuation ordered after Chinese skyscraper wobbles

Mass evacuation ordered after Chinese skyscraper wobbles

Authorities in the Chinese tech center of Shenzhen have evacuated a 70-story skyscraper after it began swaying. Thousands in the SEG Plaza and surrounding areas fled after it wobbled on Tuesday. The Shenzhen government said the main structure and its environs appeared stable. ’Based on an analysis, any seismic event has been ruled out as a possible cause,’ it said.

Aaron 0 months

Can you imagine being 200 stories up and the floor fücking *moves*. The heart attack would get me before the building did

Met Man
Met Man 0 months

Reminds me of that bridge in the US that collapsed due to wind harmonics. Similar thing could be happening here.

Airus 0 months

Lol, I saw part of notification and I was Like: "Sounds Like it's in China..." 😁 And sure it was, comies in china should pack their s**t, and call it a days.

C 0 months

What? China making low quality stuff? It's laughable to me when I imagine thier military equipment. The epic failure of worshiping government in full view.

Tyler 0 months

Government “The structure appears stable.” Civilians “Did you go to the 70th floor?” Government “No, I’m across the street with you.”

Justin's Socks
Justin's Socks 4 weeks

I'm honestly surprised the CCP let this leak out. They can't have Chinese engineers look incompetent! They'll just blame the USA for 'bullying the building' and making it wobble

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 4 weeks

I got a can opener that was made in China a long while back. It worked for a couple weeks then when I was using it to open some cat food it broke. I was pissed, I can only imagine how the cat felt. After reading about a Chinese made building “wobbling” I think I got off lucky, the cat is still not happy.

J 4 weeks

Just like the mall. I bet the declare it safe with all the foundation cracks, then a month or two later we'll see the same fate.

Egbert 0 months

Probably shouldn't have made it from bamboo.

Neil 4 weeks

If that thing fell, the death toll would be near that of a bad day at the labor camps where they make all of our cheap products.

Lamaur 4 weeks

I won’t go no way around that they are you gonna fall River Siri where they can go back to work in China If you go back in there you better have some insurance because you Dead leave your leave your people the money I have a bad day go back again

michael 4 weeks

Isn't de-regulation wonderful?

Thomas 4 weeks

Always trust government. Get back to work. Structure is stable.

JustMy.02 4 weeks

3 words - Made In China.... Perhaps they should have been stealing all of our building technology all these years.

Stanley 4 weeks

Since no seismic event, then what is the cause? Shoddy workmanship? Corrupt contractors? Substandard materials? That last one particularly would be very believable to anyone who has bought 'made in China' consumer goods (eg, drills, flashlights) and seen them malfunction or break quickly.

Randy 4 weeks

I watched the videos. Saw a lot of terrible camerawork of people running. Zero wobbling buildings. Is there some reason there are better videos of Bigfoot than this supposedly wobbling building?

Strong Thought
Strong Thought 4 weeks

No doubt it's due to the fact that it was made in China.

Eddie 4 weeks

Well skyscrapers can come off my list of stuff I'll go into now.

Bogdan Buda
Bogdan Buda 4 weeks

wind? resonance? made in china?

Nick 4 weeks

That skyscraper must be made with the usual Chinese quality they are know for.

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