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House passes bill to counter rise in anti-Asian hate crimes

House passes bill to counter rise in anti-Asian hate crimes

Lawmakers on Tuesday sent an anti-hate bill, intended to counter a rise in anti-Asian hate crimes amid the Covid pandemic, to President Biden’s desk. The House of Representatives passed the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act with a strong bipartisan vote of 364 to 62, weeks after it passed the Senate by an overwhelming vote of 94-1. Biden has voiced his support for the bill.

R_Forde 0 months

I’m pretty sure it is already illegal to assault people. Adding extra punishment for motives is unreasonable.

Madam I'm Adam
Madam I'm Adam 0 months

Well, thank goodness we now know how virtuous the House is; having the courage to stand up and say that something that is already illegal... should be... um... still illegal. Truly, these are the real heroes.

Jellybean 0 months

Of course Jim crow Joe supports it, it will mostly just give a longer sentence to darker skinned people, who seem to commit this particular crime more often.

Old McBundy
Old McBundy 0 months

Joe Biden will always throw his support behind something that disproportionately leads to Black men behind bars

JustMy.02 0 months

This law assumes that the 13% of the population that commits 85% of the violence against the 3% of the population gives 2shits about ANY laws....................... 🤔NOPE🤔

LoveMyCats 0 months

Thanks Joe now racism is destroyed proud of you

edwin 0 months

Yay, another bill to apply heavier penalties to blacks. That's right up Biden's alley, bet he can't wait to sign it.

Gary Bea
Gary Bea 0 months

They'll change their minds once they find out how many blacks are responsible for the racist attacks.

S 0 months

This is a good thing. Unfortunately the Trumptards don't understand that motive plays a large part in criminal punishment.

Mike 0 months

Most of the attackers are black

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 0 months

Don't forget 80% of the violence against Asians are done by the 13%

Angry_Face 0 months

So what happens when they start incarcerating more poc americans because of this lol

Mutatis 0 months

Just more wasted resources on a pointless racial pandering exercise.

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 0 months

Does this mean the police will be funded and it’s okay to arrest blacks again?

Aleks 0 months

Wow here is your bipartisan ship... Who votes against ?

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 0 months

You can thank Trump for bringing out the R@cists side in America

Brian 0 months

This only works if there's police to enforce the law 🤭

Rocky 0 months

Laws written with racial language were never a great way of combating racism.

Afdah 0 months

hey guys racism has now come to an end, thanks joe!

george 0 months

How about we make assault illegal?

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