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Biden accuser’s ex-neighbour speaks out to corroborate sexual assault allegation

Biden accuser’s ex-neighbour speaks out to corroborate sexual assault allegation

The former neighbour of Tara Reade, the woman who alleges Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993, has spoken up to corroborate Reade’s allegations saying she disclosed details about the alleged incident while the 2 women lived in the same apartment complex in Morro Bay, Calif. Reade, a former aide to Biden, says the presidential nominee pushed her against a wall, and penetrated her with his fingers.

NPA 6 months

Nice job Dems. 20+ candidates and you select a 77 year-old socially inappropriate, senile, accused rapist, gaff machine.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 6 months

Joe's cat is on the roof...

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 months

Name one reason to elect Biden without mention of Trump, Conservatives or Republicans.

Matthew 6 months

It would be pretty funny if this case goes to court and Joe Biden defends himself by actually revealing has dementia or Alzheimers

Battery Salad
Battery Salad 6 months

I called it during the Kavanaugh saga; the left’s “believe all women” nonsense is going to come back to shoot them in the foot. Didn’t take long. Now the #metoo crowd is awfull silent on Biden. Almost like it was never about believing women...

BumperCar 6 months

But it won't matter. "Rules for thee..."

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 6 months


Max Bants
Max Bants 6 months

Twist: It's Corn-Pop... #4 on our WatchMojo Top 10 Anime Betrayals.

Luther Young
Luther Young 6 months

I'm by no means a Biden fan, but c'mon... 30 years later? It obviously wasn't that big of a deal when it happened... or 10 years after, or 20.

🌀W_AS 6 months

1993? Trump and Kavenaugh killed any further #MeToo anything. I said back during the Access Hollywood fiasco if Trump gets a pass on this then anyone in the future will get a pass on this type of behavior. That it’s now a Democrat? Too bad, so sad. Thank Donny and Brett and all of their enablers for making America not care anymore.

Darknimbus3 6 months

Hear ye, hear ye, liberals and Democrats! What goes around comes around.

IvoryDove 6 months

He probably thought she looked hot and was just checking her temperature.... Ya, that's it! Now I know why he's always sniffing his fingers when not sniffing little girls' hair.

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