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Tlaib confronts Biden on Israel in Michigan

Tlaib confronts Biden on Israel in Michigan

President Biden held an eight-minute long conversation with Rep. Tlaib on the tarmac when he arrived in Michigan on Tuesday. Tlaib has been critical of Biden’s handling of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. She blasted Biden’s support of Israeli PM Netanyahu. Tlaib refused to say what she and Biden discussed. Later, Biden praised Tlaib and expressed concern for her family in the West Bank.

James 0 months

How a terrorist like Talib became a US representative tells you all you need to know about our government in the 21st century

d3m0n0gr4ph1c 0 months

Lmao she's trying to appeal to a fascist on ethnic cleansing. Have fun with that!

Bluery 0 months

Biden has said more than once if he were a Jew he’d be a Zionist. Of course he’s a politician so he’s been known to lie. Not sure Tlaib has as much pull over AIPAC and Netanyahu. But we’ll see if he changes course from ducking the issue.

Jon 0 months

Good for her. Progressives are the only ones with any integrity and principles and humanity.

Blind 0 months

So is it Talib or Tlaib? Pretty sure until today it was always Talib. Fact check me real quick?

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 0 months

No point in confronting or blasting Biden. He's a heavily medicated and dementted old foool who has no idea what decade it is. The clown is just floating around in lala land.

Randall 0 months

Tlaib would know more about what's going on there than the rest of us combined.

Scott 0 months

Israel was enforcing evictions on Palestine land. How would Americans respond if Mexico started to evict Texans from their homes?

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 0 months

Hebrews, Jews, why do you vote Democrat? The Democrat party doesn’t see you as people anymore. They don’t see the importance of Israel anymore. They don’t hear your voice anymore. Don’t vote for them anymore.

Philip 0 months

The US has been the enabler for the greater Israel project. An evangelical 'death cult' within the US yearns for 'rapture'. And the writings of 'shepards' are taken as involuable truth. The cost to the US child have paid for healthcare and student death. Yet a historic attempt to correct a wrong on one tribe has sacrificed another. Effectively European decisions for European's wronged has been effective upon a people who were never consulted. Start by acknowledging two wrongs will never make a right. Ask why a tribe of approx 14m can ignore all international norms fur to the complicity of the US, UK and EU. Collectively over a billion others and then you count those impacted in the Middle East. How did the Israeli tail manage to so effectively wag all Western Dogs. Watch for the ceasefire to be declared a positive by the US just after Israel completed its 'anti - solution ' agenda. All Western powers are culpable in the enabled of an actively apartheid state.

Indo 0 months

In that land they go Yahu ! Yahu ! Yahu ! All of the days n all of the nights.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 0 months

Deport this outspoken terrorist sympathiser

Patrick 0 months

In that 8 minute talk I'm betting this was said... "Yes I appreciate your concerns. But you'll have to take this up with Kamala now. We'll keep you posted on any progress."

hooman of hoomanland
hooman of hoomanland 0 months

People calling her terrorist and such is what’s wrong with America.

Vivian 0 months

Israel is an ally and US stands with them. Period!

Volition 0 months

They are killing terrorists and extremists. What’s the issue

Rocket 0 months

Here you have Tlaib🤡💩, an Anti-American Piece of 💩💩💩, and Beijing Biden🤡💩, another CORRUPT, Anti-American Piece of 💩💩💩. These two CORRUPT scumbags should both just move to China or Iran, where the Terrorists hail from. They will be welcome in either place.

OUTRAW mf 0 months

He did one thing right in his whole presidency and they're going to make him take it back

Mike 0 months

The terriost groups started the conflict. I say let Israel defend themselves.

coughdrop1989 0 months

Should be titled "Tlaib confronts Biden behind close doors"

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