NHS plans to pull BAME healthcare workers from front-line

NHS plans to pull BAME healthcare workers from front-line

NHS in the UK plans to offer staff from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds roles away from the frontline, given their disproportionately high death rate from COVID-19. As per new guidance, BAME personnel should be ’risk-assessed’ and reassigned to duties that leave them at lesser risk of contracting COVID-19. One in five of NHS staff in England are from a BAME background.

Max Bants
Max Bants 0 months


Sapper 0 months

Erm no. How many other special treatments are you going to give to them!? They’re medical professionals and there to do their job. Would you stop army’s going to war because most soldiers are Caucasian? Nope- they signed on, knew what they signed on for and get on with it- crap food, poor accommodation, crap pay and conditions- yet they pull it of the bag every time. Why? Because they’re professionals. Stop bringing race into everything, it’s actually making indigenous people of the west angry now, as this blame whitey culture continues as nausium

Cuppa T
Cuppa T 0 months

Men are dying at a high rate than women. Should we remove men from the front line as well?

RaiRai 0 months

So that means there are no good reasons to have more immigrant workers come into our country when they can't even do the job.

Given Name 123
Given Name 123 0 months

Could it be because there are more BAME healthcare workers? And not a big fan of the term, Whites is a minority in London, does that mean they are included too?

Collin Thomas
Collin Thomas 0 months

They die more because if their OWN LIFESTYLE CHOICES. SO WERE GONNA SACRIFICE WHITE LIVES BECAUSE TYRONE AND MUHAMMAD CANT EAT BETTER? Ffs they wonder why the alt right exists.

eddy yetty
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Dank Duck
Dank Duck 0 months

If you need special considerations in the same line of work, exposed to the same conditions as everyone else, by realistic terms, you are confirming less capability than others who don't get those special treatments. Now our question is, why are we bringing so many less capable individuals into the society through immigration if they are demonstrably less productive and less capable to contribute to society than others?

Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 0 months

There is a genetic factor here, whether it is a predisposition to other illness or something else. They make up a silly amount of the deaths from this given their representation in the population. The first 10 doctors to die in the UK were non white. The difference is way beyond that between men and women. They're clearly a vulnerable group. I do not think that they should be pulled based on race. I do think that they should be individually assessed and pulled if at higher risk, race and gender being part of the risk assessment just like it is for any medical assessment. Take me for example - I am on two immunosupressants, I'm borderline diabetic, have high blood pressure and ongoing lung issues after I worked myself into getting pneumonia a while back. They won't let me anywhere near the front line so I'm sat at my desk doing what I can. Why the hell should I be pulled? Because if I get sick when it is avoidable, the resources to save me will deny other people care. And in the future, when I peg it or come out too weak to work, they lose someone highly trained and specialist from the pool. There are things these people can do outside the hot zones, it's not like you're telling them to not work. And I bet you a lot of them will say "screw you" and carry on regardless.

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