Remdesivir; new hope on COVID-19 treatment announced

Remdesivir; new hope on COVID-19 treatment announced

Gilead Sciences, the maker of the drug remdesivir, announced encouraging results on Wed, saying the drug can ’block the virus.’ Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the data shows the drug could ’open the door’ to a possible COVID-19 treatment after early results revealed it reduced the time to recover from the virus. This has led to drug maker’s stock soaring, helping the sentiments of entire market.

IvoryDove 3 weeks

The only thing better than a patent on remdesvir would be a pandemic virus that it works against.

AD C 3 weeks

Here's hope the test and studies go well!

Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud 3 weeks

They'd probably do better on Baja Blast compared to the "regular treatment," if the regular treatment is ventilators that is. They're finding out most people on them probably didn't need them and maybe even died because of them. Regardless, I'm for anything that works as long as it's not a mandatory vaccine.

Matt H.
Matt H. 3 weeks

Can't wait for the vaccine to be price gouged like everything else in our for profit medical system.

Watcher 3 weeks

Can help certain patients...and not help other patients. Can anyone else smell BS?

David 3 weeks

ABC News last night said China tested this & there's no proof it works.

Steve 3 weeks

Why do we need a medication that helps people recover FASTER? As long as they are going to recover does a few days or weeks make a difference? A medication like this is really only significant for people who would have died of something else becuase the also have to fight the COVID-19 virus. So in that regard, its a useful treatment. What we need is a treatment that saves people who have no other ailments but who would have died from COVID-19 without the treatment. However, seems very few people fall into this category.

Will Miller
Will Miller 3 weeks

This guy reminds me very much of a certain character in a certain film based on a certain graphic novel. Just saying, it wouldn't hurt to look into whether or not he owns any stock in this company.

i MAGINE 3 weeks

ANNOUNCED CURE APRIL 6TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LA doctor: COVID-19 patients go from 'very ill' to 'symptom-free' in 8 to 12 hours using hydroxychloroquine and zinc

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